The Environment At Heartsong Retreat

Sunny morning at Heartsong Retreat
Dolphins playing in the bay at sunrise
Heartsong Retreat, our lovely outside space
View the beach and boats from a deckchair in the boat shed

Our Environmental Policy

We at Heartsong believe in running an eco-friendly business and reducing the impact of our business on the environment where we can. Here are some of the day-to-day things that we do with little effort, but it can make a difference.


Half of our property is planted in native bush, which is now over 50 years old. The native Pohutakawa trees are several hundred years old. We actively protect and enhance this bush by removing pest plants and planting native plants to encourage bird life.

Organic Gardens

Food: If we do not grow it, where possible, we source locally grown seasonal produce. Our vegetable garden was designed by a local company and local skills are used to help us manage our 1 acre property.

  • We are developing our gardens with the eventual aim of being self-sufficient in organic fruit and vegetables. We currently have organic herb and vegetable gardens and a small orchard.
  • We make our own homemade muesli, yoghurt and bread with all natural ingredients.
  • When possible we make our own jams or source locally.
  • Locals can share our garden beds by planting produce for their own use and surplus is donated to the local community.
  • We compost food scraps using the Bokashi system and we also have a worm farm.
  • No sprays are used on the property, hence the weeds and spider webs!

Cleaning and Guest Toiletries

  • We use NZ produced eco-friendly cleaning materials (mainly Ecostore) combined with our own old-fashioned homemade formulas using natural ingredients and essential oils.
  • We source our soaps, shampoo, conditioner and hand and body lotions from New Zealand companies (mainly Eco Store) which use all natural ingredients in their products.

We offer a selection of Fair-trade teas and coffee.

It is our philosophy to try our best to do our bit for the environment by recycling of as much packaging, cardboard, paper, tin, cans plastic and glass as possible. We provide bins for guests to use.

Rainwater is collected for use within the property and where possible, recycled waste water is used for garden irrigation.
As we rely on rainwater, we can reduce usage by minimising the washing of linen, flushing toilets only when necessary and not leaving taps running.

We use bio-degradable washing powder and dish washing products.

  • We encourage guests to re-use towels to reduce the impact of washing materials and water on the environment.
  • Switching off lights and appliances when we are out.
  • Installing low energy LED light bulbs wherever possible & encouraging energy efficient use of resources.
  • We regularly upgrade appliances to more energy-efficient models.
  • We make our own soy candles onsite – eco-friendly and biodegradable, using recycled containers. This reduces the amount of petroleum usage from traditional candles.

Heartsong supports responsible tourism and in our small way helps protect New Zealand’s precious environment.